Sunday, March 7, 2010

Turk Wins in Montreal

Turk returned home from Canada with “Tattoo of the Day”, “Best Tattoo of the Convention” and a big smile from the Montreal Tattoo Convention (September 14th-16th).

Here’s what Turk had to say about his experience in Montreal two weeks ago…

“Montreal is a beautiful city! The people are friendly, the food is amazing, and they have great taste in tattoos, hahaha! This is my third year at this convention, and i have to say, it gets better every year i go. I am grateful to have won the “Tattoo of the Day”, and have that same tattoo win the “Best Tattoo of the Convention”, especially when working with some of the best tattoo artists that North America has to offer. I look forward to returning next year and representing the Guru name…”

What do you think of Turk’s winning piece? Let it all out…like you do when your girlfriends not around, right here.